Multilingual World

We live in a Multilingual World, diverse and unique, where the language is a tool to communicate, to 
understand people from other cultures, and to discover the world.

Please, check my blog about language learning, where I explain linguistic aspects and provide advice for learners.


Market research

Among the services provided is market research, particularly education and IT sectors. Almost 3 years of experience..

Translations and proof-reading

I offer qualified translations in different areas from English, Finnish, Swedish into Russian and from Russian, Finnish, Swedish into English. Urgent translations, including weekends and holidays, can be arranged.

Content & copywriting

Are you working on the text for your webpage or blog post? It is crucial to communicate the ideas to your potential clients clearly and straightforwardly and to address the target audience in the most efficient way. Multilingual world offers content writing and copywriting in English and Russian to assist you.

Online lessons in Russian and English

This is an efficient way to improve your language skills or get assistance in language learning, no matter where you are located.

Cultural Consult

Planning to visit Russia or Portugal or expand your business there? Obtain cultural support to know all the peculiarities of the cultures.

Contact me

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you’re in need of my services